Property Type: Residential
Neighborhood: Downtown  |  County: Kootenai  |  Year Built: 1908  |  Architectural Style: Neo-Classical Revival
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This two-story 5-bedroom home makes the immediate statement that “a gentleman lives here.” The impressive entry with stone steps, wrap-around porch, Doric columns and black dentals was the design of Spokane architect, George Keith. Keith published his home designs in Keith’s Magazine in Minneapolis before moving west. He also built the Levi and May Hutton house and the Riblet Mansion and other fine home, courthouses and schools in eastern Washington. As far as we have found, the Hamilton house is the only extant George Keith building in Idaho.

Why is it Worth of Preservation?
Built in 1908 by renowned Spokane architect, George Keith, who designed many of eastern Washington’s fine homes and buildings that are on the National Historic Register. This home retains its original beauty with the finest woods, original glass, and other materials of the highest quality that could be found at the turn of the century. The porch and interior balusters are “bottle” design. An arched fireplace is balanced with an arch over the stairs leading up the bedrooms. The large bay window near the fireplace is the perfect setting for a grand piano.

Boyd Hamilton, 2 nd Mayor of Cd’A and banker at Cd’A Bank and Trust; his wife, Alta, was the daughter of Spokane empire builder, J.J. Hamilton. Mayor Hamilton was a progressive thinker and is largely responsible for the City having modern services. Idaho Supreme Court Judge and Kootenai County District Court Judge, William McNaughton, lived here from 1916-1930.

Internationally renowned pianist and jurist, Dean Elder, spent many hours on the piano in the home of his parents, Paul and Sadie Elder (1935-1940). William and Agnes Hawkins are remembered in Cd’A for their community involvement and generosity. William was an attorney, prosecutor, and Grand Exalted Ruler in the Elks. Agnes had a B.A. in Music from the University of Idaho and was a sought-after vocalist and pianist for various venues.

This home is on the edge of a historic neighborhood along a tree-lined street. Coeur d’Alene has very few of its grand old homes remaining. Losing it would be a loss for the entire community. The pressure from developers to demolish this home is great.