Property Type: Residential
Neighborhood: North End  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Private  |  Year Built: 1905  |  Architectural Style: Craftsman & Tudor Revival
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Constructed in 1905 at the corner of Hazel and North 26th Street in Boise’s North End neighborhood, this two-story bungalow with elements of the Craftsman and Tudor Revival styles of residential architecture was built for an as-yet unidentified owner. Large eve brackets and a deep porch with brick piers complimented the large cross-gabled roof.

For 110 years, numerous Boise families called the house their home and in the 1980s an remodel unsympathetic to its original design resulted in the removal of the eave brackets, replacement of the double-hung windows, and the installation of aluminum siding. Interior alterations such as the removal of period light fixtures and the application of modern paneling further compromised the character of the house.

When Phil and Sarah Norton purchased the house in 2012, they immediately began a renovation which included the removal of the later siding to expose original wall treatments. Phil and his father built and installed 17 missing eave brackets, and they peeled back layers of inappropriate interior changes. Hard work, most of it done themselves has returned this much of the home?s charm, and the Nortons have plans for future restoration projects.

In response to this young family bringing new life to an old house, Preservation Idaho is happy to award this project a 2015 Orchid for Contribution to Historic Preservation.