Property Type: Residential
Neighborhood: South/Southeast  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Private  |  Architectural Style: Queen
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Built in 1991, this Victorian-style house resides at 1068 Greenwood Circle in southeast Boise. The exceptional architecture includes numerous gables jutting out from side to side, two dormers in the front, and a front porch extending the whole length of the front. It combines Queen Anne style and Neo-Victorian which revives the Victorian Era from 1880-1990. Although in a 1950s neighborhood, this house shines through. Many interior designs are present through ceiling paintings of angels up in heaven, to the eclectic borders on the many of the room’s walls, keeping the theme of the Victorian style. The siding of the house is wood, although stone and brick is common as well. Patterned shingles are common on the gables as shown above the garage. Although fairly new to Boise, the consistent architecture makes the house feel homely.

The location of the house is different than most of South-East Boise where a clash of nature meets up with construction. Since the dam was made on the Boise River, all houses in Greenwood Circle were able to be built. The crawl space in the house is full of small and large river rocks from the Boise River. Looking at the pictures of the backyard where the in-ground pool and scenic pathways lay, it is clear that the downward slope from the porch was once created by the river.