This page provides links for several types of reports providing information on buildings and communities.

Historical Surveys are undertaken to document the National Register listed and eligible buildings within a given perimeter. The Idaho Historic Sites Inventory Form is used to formally document a historic site and contains specific information on the building, the site, and the history of the parcel and the area. You can learn a lot about how historical documentation is done by looking at these forms. A number of these surveys and forms were done by Kerry Davis of Preservation Solutions. Kerry was an Architectural Historian who documented many important buildings and communities in Idaho over the course of her career. Kerry passed away in December 2020; we thank her for her decades of dedication to historic preservation.

We will continue to add resource links to this page that we think will be of value. Learn more about what Historical Survey is and how the process is used to support preservation work by clicking the link below. Thank you to the City of San Diego for this link to the information.

San Diego Historical Survey