Property Type: Residential
Neighborhood: North End  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Private  |  Architectural Style: American
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The 13th street 1310 house is located right in the heart of Hyde Park. The area was the cities first suburban development. The 1310 house is one of the oldest houses around Hyde Park. It was built in 1900 by the Stiles family. The builder, Gustivas Stiles, was a mason and did the brick work seen on the fireplace and back of the house. The property had a large grape harbor in the backyard originally. Originally, the house had 2 bedrooms, no bathrooms, a sun room, and was approximately 1544 square feet. Overtime the original rooms for the house have changed.

The house is an American Foursquare architectural style. Usually houses of this style include a simple box shape, two stories high, brick, stone, wood siding, overhangs with hipped roofs, front porch, and a symmetrical doorway. It was a popular style that emerged from the suburban development. The simple shape was economical and practical to build. It was the most house for the least money.

The Foursquare style borrowed features from Colonial Revival, bungalow, and Italian Renaissance. The house shows many of these features like the symmetrical doorway, box shape, overhang, and side paneling. However, unique from most foursquare houses is the houses side gabled roof. Traditionally, the roof would be hipped. After some remodels and different home owners the house only changed slightly. The upstairs that was formally not being used was cleared out and turned into a sitting area and bedroom. Indoor plumbing came to the house possibly after the Stiles moved out. A bathroom was made under the stair way and upstairs by converting closets. The former sun room became the kitchen which gave the open dining room more space. The garage was added on to again later to make it bigger. Extra windows were also added later to the house. Historic photos courtesy of the owner.