Property Type: Residential
Neighborhood: North End  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Private  |  Architectural Style: Folk
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This house was built in 1905 and was remodeled in 1994. The Architect is unknown to us. The style of the house is Victorian, Queen Anne and 2nd Empire influence. A Victorian styled house has many decorative details, such as patterned shingles, which is common. This house has that common feature.

Almost all the way around the house, there are green decorative shingles. This house also has a Queen Anne style to it, which is sud-style of Victorian. What makes this house Queen Anne are the vertical windows and at one point it had a stone foundation. The house has a 2nd Empire influence with its Mansard roof. The Mansard roof is a hip roof style characterized by two slopes. On each side of these slopes there are four sides the lower side being steep, almost vertical and the upper sides are shallow. This house has a roof with these characteristics, but is a little different.

In the early years of the house, it had a porch and a balcony. During the remodel the porch and the balcony was enclosed to create a sun room or an extra room and add on to the master bedroom. The house was also on much higher foundation higher, but possibly when the remodel was done it was brought closer to the ground. A cool feature to the outside of the house is the sand stone that is used on the side of the house. This sandstone is from the Boise River and also appears in the house.

What makes this house interesting on the outside is the use of the Victorian shingles and the sand stone used on the same house. Normally sand stone would not be used in a Victorian house because that is a component of the Queen Anne style. Using both of these styles gives the house a unique style of its own. The rock does not have its natural look to it though because it has been painted over. The look of the house is really cool and has been kept up to still have a similar look from what the original house had.

The house also has a cool style on the inside of the house and has some unique features to it. In the entry way there is a set of stairs and the entry way looks like a normal entry way. But at the stairs there is a window. This window is in an odd spot because it is lower than most windows would be so it is hard to see out of when coming down or going up the stairs. Then there is the dining room/sunroom.

This room was not originally a room, it was a porch. During the remodel that was done on the house the porch was enclosed. This also happened to the balcony that was upstairs. This added more space to the master bedroom and when walking out on to that space of the room, there is about a foot drop. A cool feature in the house is the claw-foot bathtub. There are not many houses that have claw-foot bathtubs and it is cool that no one has gotten rid of this bathtub. These bathtubs are also not really seen in houses anymore because people have gone to a more modern look and that kind of tub has an older look. There is also a closet in the bathroom.

The closet was added on to the house and to the back of the house this closet adds an add on to the roof that is visible and goes with the house. With the adding on of the closet it adds some more character to the house. The kitchen is interesting because it has a window that points to the neighbor?s house, but there is really no view. The kitchen also has a nook, which is a cool architectural thing. The living room is cool because the ceilings are higher than the normal height of ceilings. These ceilings may help the room look bigger because the room is small. There are also a set of French doors in the living room which adds flavor to the room. The French doors also make the room open up more.

The house was built on a small lot so the house is small. The house also has some of the same features since it has been built. People that have lived in the house have tried to keep it the same has what is originally looked like to preserve the house.