Property Type: Commercial
Neighborhood: South/Southeast  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Private  |  Architectural Style: Eclectic
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1713 Broadway Avenue was built in 1927. It exists as a part of the historic Broadway commercial block that also includes Junkyard Jeans, Doyle’s Broadway Music, and the Rosedale building. It underwent a remodel in 1978 and is currently the place of residence for the owner of Ves’s Broadway Bar. We believe it is also an alcohol storeroom for the bar because of the fact that you can see cases of hard liquor through the mail slot in the newer of the two front doors.

The front of the building is a facade, meant to look more rustic European than its surrounding buildings. The remaining original front door is solid wood and has a coat of arms and a knight carved into it. The windows have nonfunctional decorated and decorative shutters to add to this style. The overhanging facade of the roof is very shingle heavy, almost cottage in style. It is 2400 square feet and a two-story building. The roof is flat, in line with the prairie movement, but with no other prairie features.

Around the back of the building the facade is not maintained. And, so it appears, neither was the building. The siding is red stained and in disrepair. There are voluminous stacks of alcohol boxes filled with empties. All doors are securely locked to avoid confrontation. This led us, along with the difficulty in getting a hold of him, to believe that the bar owner lives today as a hermit in this building.