Property Type: Residential
Neighborhood: North End  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Private  |  Architectural Style: Art Deco
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This house is unique in many different ways…It has a rich history and an important cultural significance unique to itself. This house is fifty-five years old. There are actually a couple of stories surrounding the house. I was speaking with the owner and somehow the topic of ghosts was brought up. Many kids in the neighborhood believe that The ghost of “Bloody Mary,” inhabits the downstairs at night. This factor obviously does not affect the house owner they got over that myth and took in the beauty of there home without thinking of the ghosts!

The cultural significance of this house plays a great role in adding to the rich variation of houses in the North End. Proof of this lies in that the house is on the Boise historic preservation district. The North End is known for having some of the most cool and unique homes in Boise. That organization is dedicated to keeping it that way. This means that if you are on the list you must ask them before you do pretty much anything. When I lived on Harrison Boulevard I remember the pain you had to go through just to get permission to paint your house. The culture that this house brings to the neighborhoods similar to all others in the North End. It brings the culture of its origin. The creator of that house would be proud that it is in one of the most respected places in Boise.

The style of this house is of course unique like most other houses in the north end. We believe it to be modernistic due to its square-ish appearance on the top of the house.

It has many different components that a lot of houses do not feature. It sports a nicely sized pool. (Which you often times don’t see in the North end due to its cramped space in some areas.) It also has a back exit with a little stair case which gives it more of a “Home” kind of feeling. It also has a back balcony connecting to one of the upstairs rooms. But one of the most unique parts of the home is definitely the rounded window and turret like protrusion coming from the front of the house. This is where we had some trouble deciding what type it was. Because the rest of the house was modernistic while that one part looked different. We had many ideas at what style that part of the house would be. But in the end we agreed that it looked almost medieval! And that is the reason why the north end is such a cool place to look at different houses. It is able to blend almost every type of house into one district!!