Property Type: Residential
Neighborhood: Downtown  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Private  |  Architectural Style: Neo-Classical Revival
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Built in 1909, the house–a seven bedroom, three bathroom, four-floor Neoclassical house–includes Greek, Georgian Colonial, and Eclectic styles. In a time of limited electricity, windows were vital. Later on, in the early-mid twentieth century, sun porches were added to the structure during a health craze of one of the owners, adding a more modern style to the house. Its interior is an open center, with no flooring in the upper floors, creating an instant grandeur effect. The first floor then splits to congregating/living room areas on the left, with dining and kitchen areas on the right.

Sleeping quarters are on the second floor, with an attic for dances and a basement for pool and ping pong. Most of the rooms are still designed to reflect the early twentieth century atmosphere it was originally intended to have, complete with the original chairs and tables in the dining room. The attic, however, still resembles an open attic, while the basement has a more seventies ambiance (appropriate, as that was when it was remodeled). The sun porches, and all the windows, add to the simple, classic style and light up the house, cooling it at the same time (good, as the air conditioning is not apparently the efficient).