Property Type: Residential
Neighborhood: North End  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Private  |  Architectural Style: Bungalow/Colonial
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A typical north ender of Boise Idaho can be described as democratic, free spirited, a dog lover as well as an outdoors lover. This describes the residents Brian and Mary Anne Hays at 2037 16th and Dewey. With two kid’s two dogs and politically set minds this family of four has made there home fit them. It was originally a bungalow but with all the remodeled into a sort of colonialism. The house was originally shaped like a box when first built in 1910, with two main rooms, a basement, and no bathroom. There were many owners before the Hays but they made the most home improvements to their lovely home. When they first walked in the house had one entry way with the original door still equipped with the house. You walk through the doors and see a beautiful original entry, arch way that leads you into every room.

The Hays finally decided after a little while realized that they needed more space but loved the house and didn’t want to move. So they remodeled. They were busy for the next two years adding a porch with an additional entry way, a whole second story, a new stair case leading to the basement, and knocking down a wall to add a kitchen (but of course keeping the original archway entrance pattern). When they added a porch they added a second entrance and they use the porch as more of a hang out place in the summer. The stair case was located towards the back of the house leading straight to the laundry room, but with the new kitchen addition they covered it up and made it a dining room area. They relocated the stairs leading down to the basement right next to the new porch entry to the house.

The kitchen addition was done right across from the original entry way. They knocked down most of a main wall to add the kitchen. The second story was also a lot of work. They made a detailed stair case going up to two nicely sized bedrooms, a playroom, and a master bath. Hard wood was used through out the whole house including every stair case. During all of the remodels most of the yard was damaged, but it was either redone or turned into a garden.

This community is favored so much by the Hays because of all of the mature trees and how close the whole block is. Since the north end is so easy to go on walks they feel comfortable with every neighbor on their block. The kids can roam where they please without the parents having to worry. They can leave their dogs outside without fearing them being stolen or being in danger.

Block parties are usually seasonal but when summer comes everyone is outside soaking up the sunshine hanging out on the porch or doing yard work. Between the trees and old unique homes in this tight knit community it is plain to see why people are so comfortable moving into these beautiful homes.