Property Type: Residential
Neighborhood: Downtown  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Private  |  Architectural Style: Various
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When driving down West Bannock Street in Boise it is easy to see the history in many of the houses. It seems that they were all built in different times because they are so different, even though they were not. One house on the far end of the street catches the eye of any person just passing through.

This house with its quaint 3 bedrooms, 2 bathroom floor plan and swooping roof can catch the eye of any one simply passing by. This house was built in 1938, and since then has never been remolded, so all of the original features of the house are still intact. And even though the house is old it is in fantastic condition. This house has many interesting features from the outside that make it very unique in its small neighborhood of varied houses.

In Boise There are many older houses to look at on Bannock. This neighborhood of West Bannock contains houses of all sorts. There are very few similarities between the houses. Most of the houses have different roof stylings, windows, and colors. The only similarity is the chimney. All the houses including this house have a tall chimney that can be seen on the side of the house. This chimney looks as if it is attached to the side of the house almost because it can be seen starting on the bottom of the house and seen a few feet above it. When looking at a house it is easy notice that the houses tend to have colors that fit into their surrounding area.

This house however does not blend into its surrounding area. This house has a bright red structure, and a bright white roof. This is an interesting feature to look at because most of the other houses blend in with subtle blues and greens. This feature makes the house pop out in the small street.One of the most interesting features of the house is the roof styling. It is similar to that of a saltbox roof in that it has a sloping roof, except it curves back up instead of sloping straight downward.

This roof styling is quite unique not only because it is rare to see but especially in this neighborhood it is the only curved swooping roof. This style of roof does not have a specific name because it is a very unique styling. The style of the roof makes the house look similar to a cottage in the size and slope of the roof, but with its brick red shingled house this house gains an interesting look, that makes anyone wonder about the different unique characteristics. Another interesting feature of the house is the basement having its own address. The house itself is labeled as 2521; however the basement has its own entrance and address.

In front of the basement the address reads to be 2521. This appears to be the most interesting feature of this 1930?s house. It is not often that modern houses or house built past 1940 contained addresses for basements that served to be almost a separate apartment. This feature is one of the more historical features of this building.