Property Type: Residential
Neighborhood: The Bench  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Private  |  Architectural Style: Minimal Traditional
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Michel “Frenchy” Yriberry and his wife, Daisy, likely built this Minimal Traditional style house in the early 1940s. The home’s intermediate-pitched, gable-and-wing roof, lack of eave overhang and sparse architectural detailing indicate its style. In keeping with the simple style, this house lacks dormers and decorative architectural elements that often characterize other styles and is a single-story home. The Minimal Traditional style was extremely popular during the Great Depression and World War II due to economic constraints and material shortages that largely shot down the home construction industry.

Michel “Frenchy” Yriberry was born on February 16, 1884, in Urrugne Basses, Pyrenees, France, and immigrated to Idaho at the age of 15. He owned the Yriberry stage line, which ran from Weiser to Grangeville, from McCall to Warren, and from Boise to Quartzburg. Michel and Daisy appear to have originally lived in McCall and moved to Boise around 1937. They were listed at 916 Hays Street, 2420 Bannock Street, and 802 North Twentieth, though since they were never listed at 2708 Kootenai it is likely that they built the home either with the intention to sell or rent it upon its completion.

Michel and Daisy’s son, Robert, was the first man killed in the battle of Wake Island, in 1941, and Michel passed away in 1944. Daisy re-married, twice, and worked as a public notary for many years.