Property Type: Residential
Neighborhood: Kootenai Neigborhood, The Bench  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Private  |  Architectural Style: Colonial Revival
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It is likely that Audley J. Chambers, a local real estate developer, constructed this Colonial Revival style home in the early 1930s and sold it shortly after its completion. The house’s accentuated front door with decorative sidelights combined with symmetrically placed windows and slender front porch pillars hint at the Colonial Revival style. The house contains elements that are not considered classical components of the style, such as stucco, an asymmetrical façade, and a lack of a pediment over the front entry, but the home’s overall form, subtle decorative elements, and age indicate its style.

The earliest listed residents of 3204 Kootenai were Dr. Hans J. Tikker and his wife, Edna, who bought the property in 1940. Dr. Tikker worked as a general practitioner in Portland and Caldwell before moving his practice to Boise in 1940. He took over Dr. West’s practice downtown after he was called for service in World War II. Hans and Edna were members of the First United Methodist Church, where Hans occasionally played the violin for special services. Edna was involved in several clubs, including the Whitney Progress Club, the Business and Professional Women’s Club, and the Women’s Christian Temperance Union.