Property Type: Residential
Neighborhood: North End  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Private  |  Architectural Style: Colonial Craftsman
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In the beautiful North End neighborhood near Hill Road there stands an old yet modernistic colonial craftsman house. The house at 3425 N. Stone Creek Rd. was built in early 1962. The original landscape around the neighborhood was all farm land. The neighborhood itself was built up by a WWII veteran who lived near the Chapman family. “He was a really great guy,” said Mr. Chapman, “He raised pigs.” The veteran also owned quite a few of the early apartment complexes that occupied Boise. When the Chapman family moved into the house a few years ago, they completed a few renovations.

On the upper level of the house they removed the carpet from one of the rooms. Under the carpet, they found solid oak floors. Oak and mahogany paneling was also part of a room in the lower level of the house. According to Mr. Chapman if all the oak was stripped from the house and sold today it would be worth in the area of ten thousand dollars. Some of the ceilings include well shaped pine beams, and the kitchen still holds up the original white bead board cabinets. The outside of the house is a lighter green color with Batt and Board exterior and also nice brick work on the lower part of the house. The house also retains the original fireplace. “There is a rock in the fireplace with the fossil of a leaf,” said Mr. Chapman, “It’s pretty cool.”

The Chapman’s house is similar to many of the others on the street. It was also one of the first built in the 60’s neighborhood. Though it is similar to the others the house itself has a unique story that not many other houses have. Apparently a woman lived at the house a while ago that ran a prostitution business out of the home. “I wouldn’t call it a brothel, more like a one man show,” said Mr. Chapman. Either way the house is a lovely historical home in a calm Boise neighborhood. As of now the home is listed for sale, and would be a great way for anyone to invest in a bit of interesting Boise history.