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Neighborhood: North End  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Private  |  Architectural Style: Bungalow
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“A 1905 North End Bungalow located at 401 Resseguie Street with five bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, a coal burning stove on main floor, and a coal storage room under the house. Is for sale…” this would be an example of an ad for this house in the local Boise newspaper in the 1980’s.

This 1905 Bungalow was originally owned by Mrs. Ola J. Tinker also known as Miss. Ola Elusia Johnesse, who in 1909 married F. V. Tinker and changed her name. When Mr. F. V. Tinker and Miss. O. E. Johnesse married in 1909 they moved into this house and parcel of land. Much can be found about this family in the historical Idaho Statesman archives.

Mr. F. V. Tinker was very well known in the Boise area, because as it has stated in the 11 different newspaper articles about him, he worked for the Boise Land Office, was a carpenter, a Republican candidate for senator of Boise, a state land selector, a mechanic on a school house, and a mine owner. In my research I discovered that he is a well-rounded person and is well known through out Boise.

Mrs. Ola J. Tinker I discovered wasn’t as well known as her husband but was still very well know in the social and political aspects of Boise life. Apparently she was a recording secretary for the Columbian club in Boise; a recording secretary for the Women’s Club here in Boise, was President of the Longfellow P.T.A. and was one of the three Boise women who were planning to aid the present suffrage campaign in their home town of Keokuk, Iowa.

Mr. and Mrs. F. V. Tinker had one little girl named Eleanor and one little boy named Frederick; and in my research I couldn’t find any birth record or announcement on Eleanor, but I did find one on Frederick. This article was under the Junior Receiver and the article stated… “9lb. son was born to Mr. and Mrs. F. V. Tinker of 401 Resseguie Street yesterday and cigars were circulating freely at the United States Land office, where Mr. F. V. Tinker received congratulations.”

I discovered that both Eleanor and Fredrick were just like their parent in the sense that they are very involved in their community. In two articles I found them together in one it was a birthday party on 9/26/1915 and the other was a club called “Bedtime Club Welcomes Boy Who Do You Think He Is? No Other Than Farmer Brown’s.” Separately I found about 3-5 articles for each child; for Eleanor I stumbled upon a birthday party on Feb. 25th, 1917 which she attended; Nov. 27th, 1917 she was kitting with Mrs. E. Talctti; on Oct. 29th, 1922 was present at another birthday party; she was also awarded with a bible for perfect attendance at Sunday school at St. Michael’s Cathedral.

For Frederick I drew up a birthday party that he was present on 11-30-1919; his birth announcement at 401 Resseguie; and a petition of him and other kids on the block to stop the mayor of Boise (at the time) putting up a roadblock on the hill so that they couldn’t sled down it during the winter, the kids won this case over the mayor.

I also found some articles that included both of the kids… they were both apart of the “Bedtime Club Welcomes Boy Who Do You Think He Is? No Other Than Farmer Brown’s…” and a birthday party on 9-26-1915.

Today this house is owned by Ms. LeeAnn Garton who is the grandmother of my friend Alicia Norman. They have done some work on this house but it’s mild work because all they did was fix the foundation after it collapsed on them and made what was the crawl space into a basement with the old coal room storage. They also expanded the kitchen a bit more and added some more steps to get to the basement, and they took out one room in order to have more living space on the second floor as well as made some doors into solid wall. But other than those minor changes it still has its original doors, floors, windows, hardware, stairs, and back yard.

Ms. LeeAnn Garton