Property Type: Residential
Neighborhood: Warm Springs/East End  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Public  |  Architectural Style: Craftsman
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Located at 503 Warm Springs Avenue is a quaint brick home that is currently being used as several business headquarters (two private hair salons and Footnotes). The home was built in 1980 but a young doctor and his wife. they originally used brick as the base which demonstrates a craftsmen style home. Inside however, there are neoclassical columns and stain glass on the front door, front windows, and the backdoor. There are also a variety of shingle patterns, along the front and back porch there are wide curved green singles, on the roof there are rough brown square cut shingles, and along the upstairs window there are long brown rounded singles. Looking at the house from the street you?ll notice the rod iron gate that is not connected to anything, it is one of the most distinguishable features of the home. The gate was built with the house in 1890, but when the home was being renovated the rod iron fence that attached to the gate was torn down. The house like a most homes built during the late 1800s has a large porch in the front as well as in the back of the house. The original hard wood floors are still in the home today, as well as the original molding, and radiators. The house uses geothermal heat, as do many other homes on Warm Springs Avenue.

There have been some slight changes to the home since it was built. The ceilings have been redone in order to keep the home sturdy. The radiators are still in use, although recently they have had to be re-wired. The floors, molding, doors, doorknobs are still original to the home. There are also several pieces of art from the original home, there are portraits of occupants, paintings, etc. The stain glass has been intacted for over a hundred years. There is also a beautiful brick fireplace that has not been touched that is in what used to be the living parlor. Until recently all light fixtures were original, but because of reliability they have been replaced. The historical society has recognized the home for its historical relevance and the effort people have made to keep its originality intact.

Although the physical features of the home are historical, the people that have lived in the home prior to business occupants have made a much larger impact. In fact, the original couple that built the home still live there, well their spirits do. There have several eerie ghost stories that have been told over the years. The doctor and his wife that built the home are the most active ghosts in the home. Several of the business occupants using the home have told stories of their dogs being harassed by the ghosts. Several of the occupants are unable to bring their dogs to work with them because of the ghosts. Also, this last summer an electrician was doing some rewiring upstairs when an old rocking chair bean rocking back and forth, with no logical explanation. The same electrician said he was drilling upstairs that same day when a nail was thrown at his back, and he could feel a strange presence in the room. A Native American women came to the home several years ago to conduct a seance, all business occupants went upstairs (which is the haunted area of the home) held hands, lit candles, and communicated with the spirits. The Native American women said that there were four spirits in the home, and said that two of the spirits would leave after the seance, but the original couple that built the home was not ready to leave yet. Although these stories are creepy, they do not bother the individuals working in the home (just their dogs).