Property Type: Residential
Neighborhood: Blanchard Heights  |  County: Nez Perce  |  Building Status: Private  |  Year Built: 1905  |  Architectural Style: Queen Anne
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The massing of the Tamblyn house is that of a “T”, with the top of the “T” running north and south
and the stem east and west, forming an asymmetrical cross gable. This configuration provides space for a first story porch that wraps around the northeast corner and for a second-story
balcony above. An outset box bay with a steep, flared roof is located on the northwest corner. The
deep recess of the gable wall and its prominent overhang above the chamfered walls of the north
wing of the house make the gable the dominant feature of the house. The house is two-and-a-half
stories and sits on a high basement. The stone foundation is laid in a coursed ashlar pattern, the
house is sheathed in asbestos shingles and the roof is clad with asphalt shingles. A
chimney constructed of the same stone as the foundation rises several feet above the ridgeline on the west elevation. Low stone walls capped with sandstone frame the concrete steps that lead up to the front porch. The fascia around the eaves are ornamented with modillions; brackets embellish the soffits