Property Type: Residential
Neighborhood: South/Southeast  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Private  |  Architectural Style: Craftsman
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Southeast Boise is home to a sparsely diversified array of houses. Amongst the many subdivisions, one residence is tucked back an acre lot just walking distance from Williams Park. This fairly modern addition to the neighborhood has a short history, but adds a unique architectural significance and style to the someone mundane structure of the urban subdivisions.

The Bambic residence is located on Schmeizer lane in Southeast Boise. It was built only 7 years ago in 2000. The house, which is among the largest in the area, contains five bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms with a large bonus room on the upper floor. The garage has a capacity of maximum 4 cars, with rooms for a working area and storage. The front yard is very spacious with even more room for parking and some the largest open land in this part of the valley.

Though it lies on a little over an acre, the backyard is smaller and has a manmade creek running through back of it. In the seven years since its establishment, it has had no major remodels. A stone bath was constructed this year front the front walkway to the back deck. Due to its location, this house on Schmeizer provides large architectural significance the area. Because much of the free land available in this part of Boise has be subdivided, the size of the lot is uncommon.

The front yard of the house, complete with parking, soccer fields, and a jungle gym, gives the property a large jump in value. Its secluded nature scene makes the area very private and peaceful compared to the surrounding area. Schmeizer Lane is a private street making it accessed less by those not part of the neighborhood making it safer and more tranquil. The style of this urban masterpiece is unlike any of the surrounding neighbors.

We begin by driving between two walls of large pines, making it feel mysterious and separated. Upon first glance you can see the hipped layers of the roof and a sloping saltbox area of shingles above the first car garage. We see a large bay window on the left front of the home bringing light to kitchen, as well as some paired double-hung window on the second floor.

The outside of house is wooded shingles that compliment the stone entrance. Its wooded location gives it feeling a mountainous camping lodge. The backyard of this property is very natural, with a free flowing creek passing along the back. It surrounds a brick porch; a refreshing alternative to the well lit dining room inside. There is a decorative circle window, next to the back door as, as well as some double-hung windows on the second floor. These windows are situated on gable dormers that simply rest above the roof line.

The inside of the home has a stone fireplace that reaches the height of the second floor. It has wood floors and granite counters in the kitchen. It also has a sauna adjacent to the master bedroom. It truly is an urban mansion. Its layered style makes it seem like a French provincial home, structural, but stylistically it appears as more of a mountainous lodge or an oversized English cottage. With land to spare, the Schmeizer place is a very valuable part to the architectural quality of the area, and is a luxurious sight for anyone to see.