Property Type: Commercial
Neighborhood: Downtown  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Public  |  Architectural Style: Various
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The Basque Museum and Cultural Center

The museum is open to the general public and shows a great demonstration of the Basque heritage. The museum was established in 1985 and provides education, research, and social activities. Through donations the museum has expanded to even host the first Basque preschool (Boiseko Ikastola) in the country. It continues to grow into one of the premier Basque cultural institutions in the US. It has significant resources for information on the Basque heritage and they are always looking for donations.

The Cyrus Jacobs-Uberuaga Boarding House

It was built in 1864 and remains the oldest surviving brick building in Boise. It includes the first indoor bathtub in the valley. Also William Borah was married there. It was made into a Basque boarding house in 1910 until 1969. During that time it helped keep the Basque culture alive and help Basque immigrants blend into the American culture while still keeping their traditions alive. In 1928 it was bought by the Basque Uberuaga family. It is one of only a few remaining Basque boarding houses in the entire west. To this day it still stands as a place that represents the Basque heritage.

The Fronton House

It was created in 1912 by the Anduiza family as a boarding house. It has the only indoor Basque handball or fronton of its kind. The building was owned for about 50 years by a engineering firm, but they left the court just as it was built. In 1993 it was bought by two Basque, who lease the offices to business, but the fronton court is leased to a Fronton Association that works in preserving the game and teaching it to the young community.