Property Type: Residential
Neighborhood: North End  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Private  |  Architectural Style: National
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The blue stucco house is located on 20th Street and is part of the North End neighborhood. The construction of this house was started in 1942, but had to be paused for a number of years because of World War Two. The small house was finally finished and sold in 1947, five years later. The current owners purchased the house in 2001 and have now lived there for 7 years. This house closely resembles a National or Bungalow style house. The roof lines are very National style and are gabled. The family did a lot of landscaping in the front yard and updated their basement windows.

Because the North End is such an old neighborhood, there are no covenants. As you enter the house a Tudor style is more evident on the interior. The doorways are all curved and the ceilings are coved. The house has very few closets and no linen closet which is uncommon for the period during which it was built.

There are a few unusual things about this house such as a small dome shaped peephole and a keyhole shaped indention in the wall for decoration. The house also has a small back porch which has some furniture and is of the Bungalow style. The unique door overhang is blue and grey striped and gives the house a fun and homely feel.

This house, although not eye catching, is very heartwarming and has many interesting touches if one looks close enough.