Property Type: Residential
Neighborhood: South/Southeast  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Private  |  Architectural Style: Various
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Originally established in 1970, Blue Valley is called home to many people. Located about a mile down the road from the Boise Factory Outlet Mall, a lot of people never even knew this neighborhood existed. The boundaries to this mobile home park are Eisenman and Blue Heaven.

The Park is a place where many of the kids used to play, but it has been recently torn apart so as to be reconstructed. The Gazebo setting on the edge of the park is a nice place to admire the view of the lake, which is almost considered a separation from one side of the park to the other, due to its being place right in the center of the park. With the general quality of life in this area declining, residents in this neighborhood are generally poverty stricken people from Caucasian or Hispanic cultures.

Although the beauty of this area has over the years dramatically faded, the future renovations will hopefully restore these streets to its former glory.
Photography and Writing by: Kevin Reed, THS Photography, Focus 208 Project 2008.