Property Type: Commercial
Neighborhood: The Bench  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Private  |  Architectural Style: Queen Anne
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The Boise Avenue Bed and Breakfast, located at 2389 W Boise Avenue, was originally built in 1891. The original designers, the Red way Family, initially built it near the end of Warm Springs Road, however, due to St. Luke’s Hospital continuing expansion, was moved. In 1991, to preserve the house, it was relocated on Boise Avenue. Then it was a private residence, and home to many different owners and remodeled several times.

Currently, again, it is being remodeled after the previous owners damaged the original floor and walls. The house is styled primarily as a Queen Anne. First, the house uses a variety of materials, from wood for the basic siding, to the original stone foundation. Also incorporated is vibrant red brick used on the chimney, and large stones surrounding an arch to the basement. The main staircase to the door also uses a different variety of rock, and the two back porches use raw wood to surround them.

The Bed and Breakfast also has many windows, like a Queen Anne. The front gable has several large windows, and the front door is surrounded by very large and square windows as well. All along the side of the house windows appear, on the left side, a semi-circular window appears with ornate detailing. On the right side, far back, an octagon stain glassed window also appears.

However the house also exhibits some unique characteristics of its own. On the front staircase an overly large lamp, like those of colonial inns, welcomes the guests. The house, placed into a hillside, makes use of clever landscaping. A winding staircase to the right side of the house and a similar one along the left allow easy passage from the front of the house to the back porches/balconies.