Property Type: Commercial
Neighborhood: North End  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Public  |  Architectural Style: Various
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The Boise Co-Op, or the Boise Consumer Cooperative, Inc., was originally founded in 1973 by a group of people who were ready to take on a project for themselves. Now over 35 years, many aspects of the original Co-Op have changed. The coop was established in 1973 BUT, before that it served as the Salvation Army store. The building its self was established around the year 1930. But back then its parking lot was 3x bigger than it is today!! Wouldn’t that make parking there amazing?

For instance the Co-Op had to move three times before it ended up at its Fort and 9th Street home. And now, the boundaries are not big enough because of the stores popularity. In consequence of this, the Boise Co-Op is thinking of expanding and creating a second store in Eagle.

Many people in Boise, Eagle, Meridian and Nampa, enjoy and even rely on the store because of the unique and scrumptious foods that are not sold anywhere else. The store, unlike many others, sells mostly natural foods, drinks, and many whole foods. The Co-Op is a hotbed for vegetarians and people from all walks of life.

The Co-Op differs from other stores because costumers look forward to being a part of the process and not just going to their local chain grocery store. “It’s not like going to a local Rite-Aid where everyone’s different every time you come in,” said Ken Kavanaugh to Boise Weekly, one of the many founders of the Co-Op. He has worked there since he was 24 and been there through it all.

The Boise Co-Op is placed right in the center of a neighborhood, that alone is a sense of its difference. The neighborhoods around the Co-Op have changed greatly and have in some ways, grown for the better. All regions around and close to the Co-Op have been significantly affected by the store. It seems to have created an atmosphere of peace and diversity between people, even the workers at the store.

When you walk past someone, they smile, and might even say hello. The Co-Op is working towards a better society that attracts all kinds of people without emphasizing their differences. For many years now Boise and surrounding cities have been effected by the Co-Op and will be for many years to come.