Property Type: Institutional
Neighborhood: Downtown  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Public  |  Architectural Style: Romanesque Revival
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The Capital City Christian Church was built in 1910. The church is located at 615 N. 9th Street in Boise, Idaho. The architecture is Romanesque with pillars and arches and was designed by George W. Kramer from New York. The inside design of the building is called Akron Plan.

The interior of the church has rows of pews, balconies, and copulas. In the Sanctuary at the front is the baptismal and communion table. In the west side of the Sanctuary is the music stage with a stained glass window behind the stage. There is a small railing that separates the stage from the rest of the room. The balconies are above the Sanctuary where there are three to five rows of old-fashioned stadium seats with bottoms that flip up and down.

White, heavy, wooden doors, that have designs and are over 20 feet tall, separate the Gathering Room from the main Sanctuary. In the Gathering Room, many tables and chairs are set out for people to enjoy after church snacks. A big chandelier hangs overhead in the Gathering Room. From the balcony there are stairs that go down by the Gathering Room and then on to the basement.

The basement is a big area for Sunday School, music for kids before church, and there is a tiny kitchen too. There are big wooden beams holding up the Gathering Room and Sanctuary from below.

There are windows on all four floors of the building. The windows are stained glass; lilies mean bloom where you are planted and the miners pick means digging out truth and Idaho’s early settlers. There are three clubs and the mottos of each club are written in the windows. The three clubs and their mottos are: Christian Endeavor Society: For Christ and the Church; Loyal Sons: Remember Now Thy Creator of Thy Youth in the Days; and Loyal Daughters: Living, Loving, Lifting. Several stained glass windows represent Bible stories. The first window story is of the flood with a dove on the window which stands for Noah’s Ark. The second window is Christ teaching. The third window is Samuel the Servant. The triple flower stained glass is there to help us remember the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The shade tree outside of the church provides a place for birds to nest.

By Nicole Fuller, Collister Elementary School: Mrs. Allen, 3rd grade