Property Type: Residential
Neighborhood: Warm Springs/East End  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Private  |  Architectural Style: English Cottage
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This Tudor Revival house is easily identified by its unique entry way and picturesque appeal. The cat slide fashion welcomes those who pass by as the asymmetrical face bears the essence of an “Olde English style.” The remodels done to the face of the house helps add the effect of an “English Fantasy.” Built in 1925, the house provided a transition from the Craftsman houses, popular in the time period due to the rising industries and the mass production of small, similar houses tightly fitted together. There are four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and two fireplaces in this cozy cottage.

This house on E. Washington St. displays many basic characteristics of the classic Tudor Revival style. Perhaps the most obvious display is steeply pitched roof, or the “cat-slide” entryway. This particular example slopes nearly to the ground, although this is not necessarily a fundamental aspect of the style. Another rather important example is the cross-gable. This type of dormer has two sloping sides that meet along a central line. This particular cross-gable displays a non-traditional window. Additional examples that display the Tudor style are the rounded doorway, though it has only a slight curve, and brick chimneys.

Since its first owners, the house has gone under many reconstruction efforts, which have somewhat turned this house away from the traditional style of the Tudor Revival style. These additions have supplemented the home’s cottage-like appeal. The most recent renovations occurred in 1995. One noticeable addition is the octagonal window on the side of the house. This window is certainly not characteristic of the Tudor style and was added for decoration.

A modern, wooden and irregular fence surrounds the house. The fence appears to be handmade, and it provides a rustic touch to the overall theme of the cottage atmosphere. Another charming addition is the thatch shingling on the roof. The construction of a porch creates a comfortable and communal feeling. To keep the space open and to add an eclectic touch, the top of the porch is made of open beams instead of a solid, hard covering. The balcony leading from the master bedroom was also created to add a whimsical look to the house. The entrance to the house is composed of cut stone, which was propbably not an original aspect of the home. The garden was designed by the neighbor, of who designed their own yard in a similar fashion.