Property Type: Residential
Neighborhood: North End  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Private  |  Architectural Style: English Cottage
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This petite home on Harrison Blvd was built in 1936 with a definite English Cottage style and is on the National Register of Historic Places. It has mostly white sides with the Tudor characteristic brown striped slats. This design appears on three of the four sides of the house. It has an attached garage and unattached shed in the back of the house which also opens up into an alleyway. It is kept up very well with a beautiful lawn and garden which adds to the cute feeling of this cottage-feeling home. Although most Tudor style houses have arched doors, this particular house has a straight, square door. It also has glass paned windows around the outside and a porch awning to provide shade in the backyard. As you first walk into the inside of the house, you notice stylistic architectural features right away beginning with the arches. Every where you walk, you go under an archway. You should also notice the old fireplace. It has been remodeled to fit the modern times as a gas powered burner but it keeps the same look and makes a person feel like it is still an antique house. One thing that isn’t so obvious is the doorknobs. The knobs are still the same, or at least the same type of knobs that existed back when the house was built in the ’30s. The are very decoratively molded and are made of glass. They also still have the keyholes from the back. A few other cool features are the thin and very small door that leads from the house to the garage, one small, square hole in the ceiling leading into the attic, a clock space above the fireplace, and the most awesome doorbell. It is literally two long tone chimes that you can watch actually vibrate as the button outside is pressed.