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Neighborhood: Foothills  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Private  |  Architectural Style: International
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The Hill House, built in 2001, is located in the foothills of NE Boise and is set discreetly against the hillside. This house was designed by architect, Steve Trout, who also happens to be the owner of the house. While I was interviewing his wife, Sally, she explained that they nicknamed the house “the hill house” because it is built on such a steep slope. The environment is what really inspired the house and you can see that reflected in it. The height of the house is a reflection of the hill that it’s built on. Also the light sand colored stucco that is used on the entire front of the house makes it subtly blend in with the landscape.

The house has a lot of very interesting details and materials that make it so unique and quite obviously part of the International Style of architecture. On the front of the house we have three main materials, which are the sand colored stucco, wood, and glass. The front is mainly composed of glass, which is obviously windows, and they create a picturesque scene for any passerby. Also the entire second story has a dark wood deck that creates a great contrast against the sand colored stucco. On the right side of the house we are introduced to the metal shingles, which are a big part of the house. They make up two entire sides of the house, these shingles reveal the architect’s vision for uses of interesting materials. On the back side of the house there are more metal shingles and then an offset portion of the house. This offset portion of the house is made of a darker stucco and really gives the house shape. Also there really aren’t too many decorations on the house for the sake of decoration, which is really important for this house to fit the International style.