Property Type: Residential
Neighborhood: South/Southeast  |  County: Ada  |  Year Built: 1898  |  Architectural Style: Neo-Classical Revival
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The Hopffgarten House was originally constructed around 1898 by Albin C. DeMary, a clerk at the US Assay Office in Boise Idaho. After the house was purchased by J Harry Hopffgarten in 1915 it was substantially modified by Wayland & Fennell Architects in the Neo Classical/Georgian Revival style. The Hopffgarten Family lived in the home for nearly 60 years until the Harry was moved into nursing care shortly before his death. Per his dying request the house was then listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. After the passing of J Harry Hopffgarten the house was sold and has been home to a counseling center for Veterans Affairs, an art gallery, and a private residence. In 2014 after sitting vacant for several years, the home was purchased by John Van Lith and with the help of Trout Architects was lovingly restored to its former glory as the iconic home of South Boise Village.