Property Type: Commercial
Neighborhood: Downtown  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Public  |  Architectural Style: Post
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The architecture of this building is very important in researching this building. The hospital is 156,000 sq. feet with four floors, therapy gym, and two pools. Brain Gillbreath was the main architect for the hospital, he works with ZGA Architecture. It is powered by geothermal generation, which also provides power for many of the structures in the area. It has a definite post-modern (or Neo-Eclectic) architectural style as seen in the different planes and materials with which it was constructed. This is also manifested in the unusual surfaces of the building along with the non-orthogonal angles. We see three clashing styles in the building which adds to the appearance of having function and form. From the main picture you can see the central pillar which also seems to imply a Woodstock style. The building is separated into two parts by a central wall cutting off one section of the hospital. This architectural mistake has caused quite a bit of grief, because there are two entrances into to two different parts of the hospital. The outside is characterized by overhangs along with pillars and hanging lights. The inside has been decorated in two distinct styles one of which looks likes a regular hospital while the other seems more of an artistic interior. Opposite of the main building is the hearing and balance center which is also post-modern.