Property Type: Commercial
County: Nez Perce  |  Year Built: 1921-1922  |  Architectural Style: Spanish Revival
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The Lewis-Clark Hotel is listed on the National Register as part of the Lewiston Historic District. It is a five-story U-shaped structure in the Mission style with lower wings and arcades framing a garden court, stucco red tile, and round arched windows. Two square towers each with a pyramid roof provide for a varied skyline.

The hotel was opened in 1922 and has remained remarkably well-preserved. Lewiston was founded in 1861 and served as a central hub for gold miners where they could stay and receive needed supplies by steamship. The Northern Pacific rail line was active in Lewiston by 1898 and in 1917 the Spiral Highway had been completed, making the town an even larger transportation hub than it had already been. A new, large hotel was much needed and in 1919 Spokane architect, Kirtland K. Cutter was hired by local business leaders to design, build, and decorate the interior of the Lewis-Clark Hotel, and Hurley-Mason served as the general contractor. Approximately 650 stockholders raised money for the building, coming to $450,000 after its full completion.