Property Type: Residential
Neighborhood: Warm Springs/East End  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Private  |  Architectural Style: Andalusia/Spanish Eclectic
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2500 E. Plateau Dr.
We found our house up by Tablerock. The address is 2500 E. Plateau Dr. and it was built in 2004. We decided that this house is a mixture of architectural styles between Spanish Eclectic and Andalusia architecture. What signifies the Andalusia architecture is that the tiled roof ends with the wall. There isn’t any overhang. One part that is interesting about the house is that the south walls are 18 inches thick. This is three times as thick as a normal house.
This house was specifically designed for the location. The family that lived in the house helped a little in designing the house. They knew where the wanted the rooms, the size of the rooms, etc., but the rest was up to the architect. There were some more specific requirements the family had in designing the house. For example, they owned a very large rug that had been in their family for three generations that they wanted in their living room. All the ceilings inside the house are about ten to twelve feet high. The husband wanted all of the rooms to be down in the basement to have a low profile, however it was decided that that would not happen and the two daughter’s rooms are upstairs.
They also have a pool and a pool house in the back yard. They made it so that the design of the pool house matches the design of the house. However one part of the pool house that’s different from the actual house is that roof is flat. There are stairs from the ground that go up to the roof. They made it so the roof is more of a patio and it overlooks the pool, as well as a beautiful view of the rest of the city. The back patio has an interesting fireplace that’s built into the house.
One part of the design that stuck out to us were little circles that were put around the house. They were put there for decoration and there would be five or six circles towards the roof. All of these decorative circles were used as vents to release the hot air from the attics. This design was used both on the pool house and the regular house. The color of both buildings was sort of a rusty red-orange. I thought this was a very bold choice in color because it sticks out so much from its surroundings and it sticks out from the other houses.
Another feature that really stuck out was the rod iron banisters throughout the interior and exterior of the house. Not only did they have a very interesting look about them, but they were also imported from the last Moore castle in Spain. The house also features large, long windows which allow its inhabitants to enjoy their amazing view of the treasure valley.
This house also has a very long driveway that allows for the family to increase their privacy, and comfort. The aesthetics of the house are what really made this gem shine. The house is obviously different from its neighbor houses.
In conclusion, this Spanish, Andalusia palace is a one of a kind piece of architecture, from its bold colors to its extra thick walls, from its decorative vents to its rod iron banisters. You will not find a house like this anywhere else in the treasure valley. This house is not only amazing because of its looks but also because of its breath taking view of the city of trees.