Property Type: Commercial
Neighborhood: Downtown  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Public  |  Year Built: 1901  |  Architectural Style: Renaissance Revival
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The Boise Masonic Temple building was built in 1901 and the Facade was added in 1920, as was an expansion of the entire building. The bottom floor has always been rented out to other businesses and it started as a car dealership and is now half Jamaica Me Tan, and half Boise Cafe. There are two leaks in the red room, one of the two ritual rooms in the Temple, due to the old plaster work done there.The outside bricks are some of the straightest bricks in town, and it is hard to find anything similar to the ceilings, which are made of plaster, but are so vast it seems as though the building would crumble. On the North East corner of the building there is a cornerstone, a brick that goes on the NE corner of any building that desires such a stone, which is donates by the temple, which reads MCMXX, which means 1920 in the Roman numeral system. The basement is almost entirely a boiler room used to heat the large blue and red rooms that make up one half of the second story. The other half contains a kitchen and a dining hall. The top floor is a storage utility. The building is approximately 38,000 square feet, and because it was created by the Masons, it is surely a masterpiece of architectural beauty.