Property Type: Residential
County: Ada  |  Year Built: 1900  |  Architectural Style: Queen Anne
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Fairlawn: the Nathan Smith Farmstead at 2315 S. Broadway

Built in 1900 from a design by prolific Boise architect, J.E. Tourtellotte, the Nathan Smith Farmstead at 2315 Broadway Avenue is individually listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Constructed for well-known fruit grower, Nathan Smith (1848-1907) and his wife, Eliza, the couple quoined their country home “Fairlawn,” where they entertained Boise’s high society members regularly. Such a landmark the property was, that it was often referred to as a reference point (e.g. “Nathan Smith corner” and “…west of Nathan Smith ranch”). Smith and his wife were both active in the promotion and improvement of the Village of South Boise.

Designed by the architect who designed such landmarks as the Idaho State Capitol, Carnegie Public Library, Union Block, and Boise High School, the Smith farmhouse is one-of-a-kind in its combination of architectural influences, incorporating elements from the Queen Anne, Craftsman, Colonial Revival, and Shingle styles.

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Article from Idaho Statesmand digitized archives