Property Type: Residential
County: Bonner  |  Building Status: Private  |  Year Built: 1906  |  Architectural Style: Queen Anne
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Sandpoint’s John and Amanda Nesbitt House was constructed in 1906. Built by local craftsman Dan Tanner, the house was built in the Queen Anne style- a late example of its type. Significant for both its architecture and its association with Amanda Nesbitt- an active member of the Methodist Church and the Women’s Christian Temperance Union, the house was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.

When acquired by James and Carol Harvey in 2012, the house was worn and in need of a careful renovation. Over a period of three years, the house was carefully conserved. Decades of interior alterations- and wall paper- were stripped away to reveal the original floor plan. Some interior and exterior elements were reconstructed based on historic photographs. The few intact original features, such as this hand-turned banister leading to the third floor, were carefully restored. The original design and footprint of the wrap-around front porch were returned to their appropriate configuration. Adapted for continued use as commercial office space, this Victorian beauty is an example to her neighbors.

For their heroic efforts in the rehabilitation of this historic gem, the Harveys more than deserve a 2015 Orchid Award for Contribution to Historic Preservation.