Property Type: Commercial
County: Bingham  |  Year Built: 1929  |  Architectural Style: Art Deco
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Built in 1929 in the moderne style, the Nuart Theatre continues to be a dominant Art Deco building in Blackfoot, Idaho. It is a two-story, brick movie theatre, unique for its fine terra cotta ornamentation, beautiful brickwork patterns using a variety of rich, dark color (designed and executed by contractor Fletcher M. Taylor), and three bays with a central bay containing the ticket booth, entries, and marquis (made by the Carl son Company in Rexburg). The two side bays have obscure glass transoms that contained a store and office spaces. The second story has two opalescent windows. Four dominating pilasters add symmetry to the building by demarcating each of the bays, and an additional three minor pilasters are found in the central bay, each topped with detailed terra cotta work. The brickwork bonds between each of the pilasters include herringbone, basketweave paving on edge, vertical flemish, and three dimensional headers.

The interior held 750 auditorium seats. Keeping in the Art Deco style, pastel colored ornamental plaster reliefs could be found in the space, as well as green mottled marble pillars and art deco lights on the walls and ceilings. The interior plaster work was done by J. Charles Schnorr, who was known for his murals in theatres and public buildings all over the west and also the Hippodrome in New York.

The Nuart Theatre was designed for film and remained open as a movie theater until the 1970s and under the ownership of the DeMordaunt family, and on October 28, 1986, the DeMordaunt family gave the deed of the building to the Blackfoot Community Players for the purchase price of $10. The Blackfoot Community Players maintain the building today and use it as a community space to celebrate the arts and share the joy of theatre.