Property Type: Commercial
Neighborhood: Downtown  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Public  |  Year Built: 1910  |  Architectural Style: Romanesque Revival
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The pioneer tent building runs along the corner of 6th and Main St. Built in 1910 it is now a historic landmark of Idaho, and is part of what is now known as “Old Boise”. Currently it houses a myriad of restaurants, notably Jimmy John’s and Jenny’s lunch line, along with “Indie Made” and a collection of offices. Inside you will find load of Boise memorabilia, from a massive cigarette collection, to old “Wanted” posters, and historic telephone booths. Atop its brick walls stands a prancing White pony, a feature it shares with the Ranch club on Chinden Boulevard. Originally standing in its place was the Grand Templar Hall, but was later replaced by the Tent building. Within this Romanesque revival style building there is a series of winding halls and spiraling staircases, full of locked doors and various nooks and crannies. What is perhaps the most interesting feature once you enter the building is the west wall, which is distinctively divided, with one side being brick, with filled in windows, and the other side is relatively newer concrete wall. This suggests, that the building was added onto, which it was, the exact date that this occurred was unknown to the building manager, but the material suggest 30-50 years after the original building was in place. Then, in 1974 Joan Carley purchased the Pioneer Tent and Awning Building and undertook a renovation project which made it not only more useable, but helped preserve the integrity of the building. Thanks to her efforts this historic site can be enjoyed by future generations for years to come.