Property Type: Residential
Neighborhood: South/Southeast  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Private  |  Architectural Style: Bungalow
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The 1907 farmhouse was hidden from sight until recently when two huge trees were cut down by the power company due to the trees interference with the power cable. The house is full of corks; there is a side walk that goes almost the entire way around the house except it suddenly stops before it hits the front steps. Also the house has an original tie up for the horses that where brought around from the stables in the mornings. There is an original storm cellar which is very common for Idaho given that we have a history of tornadoes.
As you walk under the craftsman style entrance through the original entry door into the living room which was added in 1937, when the house had its first and only major remodel. The best evidence of this remodel is the support beam which traces the end of the original house and shows the extent of the 1937 remodel. The beam is about a foot and a half down from the ceiling.
More recently the owner has replaced windows on the right side of the house; the front right window is new along with one of the windows on the right side. The left front window and the rest of the windows on the side of the house are original. The sleeping porch as it was called because the oldest son had to sleep in the screened in porch all seasons of the year because there was not enough room in the two room house for all the kids to sleep inside. Originally the sleeping porch was all screened in but in the 1950’s the owners put up glass to replace the screens and turned it into a greenhouse of sorts. The kitchen has many original features like the cabinets the windows, the chair rail around the room.
The first owners of the house owned 80 acres of land from Law Street to the New York Canal. When they passed on the house to their four children they divided the land evenly between the four of them. The Pricket family was one of the two families that lived on this side of town to begin with, with both families having Basques origins. The house was built for function not for style; it was built by the in-laws of the owner currently so they could run their family farm.
There are not really any major architectural features that the house has. The house also has is original light fixtures in the sleeping porch area and the chandlers in the dining and living rooms are from the 1937 remodel. One difference between the remodel and the original house is the wood paneling on the ceiling in the kitchen and the sleeping porch stand out from the stucco on the rest of the ceilings. The most recent face lift that the house has had was a new paint job on the exterior.