Property Type: Residential
Neighborhood: Foothills  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Private  |  Architectural Style: Pueblo
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This modern house located on the hill above the Warm Springs Golf Course was built in 1995 and is really a mixture of pueblo southwest architectural style with Native American influence. The style is really a mix between modern and pueblo, but it can not be clearly defined as only one. This house is similar to pueblo in the fact that it has a flat roof, straight edged windows, and earth-toned stucco. However, this house lacks the main features of the pueblo style. The logs that make up a traditional pueblo are missing as well as round edges are absent. Yet its clean cut edges and Frank Lloyd Wright type overhanging porches and art inspired design qualify this house as modern. Overall the house has a great western-modern style that brings diversity to Boise.Architect Trey Hoff informed the homeowners that the structure could either “be on top of the mountain, or part of it.” The owners decided to construct the house in a manner in which it would be camouflaged with the hill. Its sandy colored stucco walls and surrounding vegetation make the home appear as if it were part of the desert. An eco-friendly theme is displayed continuously through several materials used on the home. The retractile roofing on the pool house attracts sunlight to naturally warm the pool. The tiles on the flat roof of the home also attracts sunlight in order to cut down on energy consumption. Because the home is set up above much of the area around it, large windows are strategically placed to view the nature around it, such as the nearby Boise River. Inside the home, placed in the walls by staircases in the house are small doorways cut to fit the shape of the wall. These doorways contain assorted sizes of shelves for storage. On the first floor at the base of a staircase, one door contains shelves which can be pushed back to reveal a small room.