Property Type: Residential
Neighborhood: Foothills  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Private  |  Architectural Style: International
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This beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright inspired contemporary structure is nestled upon Castle Rock in the Boise foothills. Among the many intriguing aspects of the house, the most prominent is its similarity to the famous “Falling Water” house by Frank Lloyd Wright. This house replicates Wright’s dominating horizontal lines and the incorporation of natural colors, light, and landscape. Located by Warm Springs, the house uses geothermal heat in its floors. The house is literally built into the 17ft. hill beside it, and is supported by massive steel beams. Building of the house began in October of 2004, and took 2 years to complete, finished in December of 2006. This house features a pool, 3 bedrooms, heated floors, multipurpose room, 3.5 baths, and a sauna, among other things.
The main level of the house shows the most similarity to the interior of Falling Water. Although the ceilings are much higher in this house than in Wright’s, the stone floor stamped with a rippling water texture replicates the floor in Falling Water. The use of natural stone inside the house also shows similarity to Wright’s masterpiece. The house includes large windows that allow a lot of natural light into the house, which adds to the feel of Falling Water. Other than this, the house is unique, and the architect took a different approach to Wright’s modernized style.
The owner of the house got the idea to build the house like Falling Water from his neighbor. Posed with the problem of the large hill poised on this plot of land, an architectural design for the house seemed very complicated. However, a helpful neighbor called out from his balcony to build the house like Falling Water, and was the initial inspiration for the project. The owner also wanted to build a pool in the front yard, but the city and the neighborhood opposed the idea, convincing him to build the large pool in the backyard instead.
The house consists of 3 main levels, with 2 half levels, adding up to five total levels. Because of this vertical spread, an elevator shaft was incorporated in the house. Although no elevator exists now, the owner plans to add one when he finds enough time, and money.
The red trim on the house, the use of browns, oranges, and reds, the large amounts of natural light, and the incorporation of the surrounding landscape gives the house a feel like that of Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Falling Water.” Although he encountered many obstacles in building the perfect home, the owner of this beautiful house eventually accomplished his goal. With its modernized style, unique features, and beautiful landscaping, this home is definitely a Boise jewel.