Property Type: Residential
Neighborhood: The Bench  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Private  |  Architectural Style: Contemporary
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This house stands out as a beacon of modern architecture at the turn of the twentieth century. Its unique use of the clinker brick on a ranch style house help it stand out from the ordinary to distinguish itself as a piece of beautiful architecture. This house was formed by a list of historical influences. Duffy Randolph was the contractor/builder behind this magnificent piece of structural design. In the early 40s, he built the house for himself beginning with just the basement level. After World War II, he built the house that is now seen today. After he finished the house in 1945, he moved out and continued to create many residencies with fellow contractor Fred Robertson in the same area. Following Randolph, there have been three other residents: the Wards, the Longs, and now Phyllis Ward. The Long family remodeled the house for better resale and then the current resident, Phyllis Ward, bought it from them in the 70s. The Bench of Boise gives its credit to Randolph and Robertson by naming two of the subdivision?s streets after them. The first time you set your eyes on the house it is able to amaze you with the distinctiveness of the clinker brick. The clinker brick is deformed or unused brick now added to buildings to give it a modernized style. This unusual style encompasses the entire structure. Although this style was first developed in the seventeen hundreds to create letters in the walls of buildings, it was put to a stylistic use in the mid-nineteen hundreds, which is the same time that this house was built. This style of architecture known as the ranch house is unique as ranch houses are usually built out of wood, while this house is made completely of brick. To compliment the eye-popping distinction, the house sits on the Bench of Boise, observing the bustling downtown on a large two-thirds acre lot. The land molds into the geography of the Bench as the backyard slopes down into the valley. Luckily, the owners of the house have gladly put in time and effort to help keep up the house to its top condition. This land is surrounded by countless trees on a fenceless property. It is very open within a very distinct, secluded neighborhood. The owner has continually improved the quality of the structure through numerous repairs and projects as the years have passed.