Property Type: Commercial
County: Valley  |  Year Built: 1905  | 
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The Roseberry General Store still stands in the original location in which it was built in 1905 to serve the historic town of Roseberry, ID, which sits just a mile east of Donnelly, ID.     It is built in the “western false-front” type.

By 1911, Roseberry was the largest town in Valley County and named for its first postmaster Lewis Roseberry. The town was settled by Finnish immigrants and today you can find restored Finnish constructions that were moved to the Roseberry historic site to ensure their preservation. In the early 1900s, Roseberry had a lively economy and community. Unfortunately, the construction of the 1914 railroad heralded the end of this historic town. The town slowly faded away, but the Roseberry General Store remained open until 1939.

In 1969, the building was purchased by Frank Eld who restored the building to it’s 1920s atmosphere. Over the years, multiple buildings on site or moved from another location have been restored one-by-one to the historic Roseberry site that we enjoy today!