Property Type: Institutional
Neighborhood: The Bench  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Public  |  Architectural Style: Colonial Revival
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Sacred Heart Catholic Church was built in 1952-53 on a ten acre parcel at the corner of Latah and Cassia. The original construction cost for the building was $150,000. The church was designed by the architectural firm of Hummel, Hummel, and Jones. It has a cafeteria, recreation rooms, and a large office building. The church has a gymnasium that was donated to the adjacent school. This gynasium is an old airline hangar from Gowen Field Airforce Base. The church has undergone numerous remodels, the biggest of which came in 1984–also designed by Hummel, Hummel, and Jones. The goal in the remodel was to make it look exactly like the old church. It is almost impossible to tell that structure from the original. The additions are blended in perfectly to the old church which is made of red brick. All together, the church has a very old-fachioned look and feel today. The old fashioned brick exterior is contrasted by the fine pipe organ and stained glass windows on the inside. The tradition and architecture of Sacred Heart is important to the Catholic community, the central bench, and to greater Boise.