Property Type: Commercial
Neighborhood: Boise State University  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Public  |  Year Built: 2008  |  Architectural Style: Contemporary
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The Stueckle Sky Center is a contemporary design building located at the BSU, Boise State University, stadium. The Stueckle Sky Center is named for Duane and Lori Stueckle. The architects were with FFKR who are from Salt Lake City, Utah. Stueckle Sky Center was completed in August 2008 and is 83,650 square feet. The cost to build the Stueckle Sky Center was thirty-three to thirty-seven million dollars.
At the entrance of the center there is a horse rearing up and on the inside walls there are metal, galloping horses. These horses stand for the BSU Broncos.
There are two concrete towers at the Stueckle Sky Center that are 170 feet tall. 252,360 pounds of rebar and 1,130cubic yards of concrete with 860 embeds of reinforced steel were used in the concrete form to build the North Tower. 220,000 pounds of rebar and 1,116 cubic yards of concrete with 680 embeds of reinforced steel in the concrete form were used to build the South Tower. The North Tower concrete was poured at 10 inches per hour. The South Tower concrete was poured at 14 inches per hour. It took 6-8 days to pour and complete the towers. People worked 8-hour shift through 24 hours to complete the towers. There are three elevators in the North Tower and two elevators in the South Tower. There are two more elevators on the other side of the North Tower. There are keys to the elevators so people don’t wander in the towers. ]
Glass walls let members of the Stueckle Sky Center see the Foothills, the Boise River, the Capitol building, the downtown skyline, and the Boise Depot. There is a coach’s booth for BSU and the visiting team, vendors, bleachers, and a grandstand. There is an area called the Press Box with 13 suites which is used by people to write articles. There is a commercial kitchen to cook food for the BSU team and the members of the Stueckle Sky Center. There are different levels containing 44 lodge boxes, 750 club seats, and a suite with 26 seats.
At the West Entrance a pathway was added for people in wheelchairs and the BSU football team. There is a special place for television broadcast trucks and food service delivery trucks to make their deliveries. There are many choices for people to rent the Stueckle Sky Center including weddings.
The windows in the Stueckle Sky Center are from the ceiling to the floor. There are electric blinds on the windows. From the windows people can see a view of the blue turf football field from any direction. People can go to the patio and see the parking lot.
There is a stadium expansion for offices behind the football field north end zone that will be completed in 2013 or 2014.