Property Type: Residential
County: Lincoln  |  Year Built: 1886  |  Architectural Style: Italianate
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Built in 1886 in the Italianate style, the historic Sugg House sits in its original location in Shoshone, ID. It is one of the town’s earliest brick houses dating to the early years of the Oregon Short Line railroad in Idaho. The porous basalt foundation was locally sourced, but brick was not manufactured locally until 1902, meaning that the brick would have been imported and brought to Shoshone by rail.

The Sugg House is a one-and-a-half story house with a hipped roof, two recessed dormer windows on each of the four sides with square brick bay windows flanking the porch creating a recessed entryway. The details in the woodwork at the bays and on the porch are Italianate and the segment-arched windows have stone keystones.

The house is currently occupied as a private, residential home.

(Photos are older and the space is not currently for rent.)