Property Type: Residential
Neighborhood: Foothills  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Private  |  Architectural Style: Prairie
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Built in 1997, this house is very unique, mainly because the people who own it also helped build it giving the house a personal touch and flare. This two story, 3276 sq. ft. home near the top of 8th Street fits into the Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie style. With the additional personal touches of skylights and really amazing stairways, this home is one of a kind.

The house is an average prairie style home on the outside. It has over-sized eaves hanging around the entire house make an interesting affect. There are also broad horizontal lines which make the house blend into the flat landscape around it and look like it is part of nature. The entrance to the home is also unique, so that it is tucked in and kind of hidden. The windows make the house very unique and are a major design element to the home. They are in groupings along each side of the house and are placed specific areas so that they create an interesting pattern on the outside of the house. The house is also centralized around a large chimney massing.
There is very little ornamentation, but the intricacy of geometrically shaped windows and horizontal lines make the home very appealing and inviting. The outside porch is also unique to this house. It is in the front of the home but it is about four feet below the ground. You are unable to see it unless you are standing in it. The porch was placed in the front yard because it was too warm in the backyard due to the fact that it faced the west. The porch is also dug into the ground about four feet to provide privacy making it hard to see at all. The home is very Wright Style as well with its variety in materials, the house is made of Maple and Stainless Steel, with some stucco type on the outside. The outside of the house is amazing but the inside is incredible too. The inside of the home is total prairie style with its large open rooms and the connections of rooms making it seem like one. It also has a large central chimney massing in the home. The fireplace is incredible with a steel mantle and a large surface. The kitchen is open and has a nice granite counter-top and there seem to be few walls separating the home.