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Neighborhood: Warm Springs/East End  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Private  |  Architectural Style: Tudor
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This Tudor style house located on Warm Springs was built in 1930 on a very long narrow plot. Later a pool was added to the back and the house was remodeled in 1995. It has two chimneys, four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms. Although it does not have an attic, it has a basement that is 1165 square feet. The total plot property appears small from the front, but it stretches back and it is actually 4683 square feet with two garages and a shed in the back. You can easily tell its style for many reasons, the easiest being the light/dark painting on the front of the house which was a very popular style in the 1920s. One reason we fell in love with the house was the front doorway made of heavy wood with a glass insert and iron hinges. The era of the house is apparent in the unique style and decorations. The front windows are divided into geometric designs that are more aesthetically appealing than plan glass. On charming aspect of the house that reveals its time period is the mail slot that has remained instead of a more modern mailbox. The mail slot lies under a window at the front entrance that goes directly into the study.

The inside of the house maintains the traditional Tudor style with its old fashioned sitting rooms and study. The ceiling of the rooms are lined with wooden beams. The minimalist paint does not draw away from the style of the house. The era of the house is also represented in the laundry chute. The entryway is made welcoming by an open archway of trees and a large wooden door with a decorative window. The Tudor style is also seen in the sloping lines that frame the house.