Property Type: Institutional
County: Washington  |  Building Status: Public  |  Year Built: 1907  | 
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The city of Weiser hosts a collection of architectural gems, but none has been polished as brightly as the historic Union Pacific Railroad Depot.

Upon completion in 1907, the depot served for decades as the hub of the town?s transportation before slowly falling out of use with the rise of personal automobile. Following acquisition by the City of Weiser, the building remained underused until the Weiser Architectural Preservation Committee secured Transportation Enhancement Grant funds to undertake a renovation that would transform the building for use as an interpretive center, office, and public and special event space under the leadership of ZGA Architects and Planners, Chartered.

Interior upgrades included replication and installation of wainscoting, restroom and HVAC improvements, and the meticulous reconstruction of the long-lost ticket counter. On the exterior, replicas of the original doors were fabricated and installed, inappropriate alterations to the east elevation were reversed, and, most notably, four new dormers were constructed with details to match the originals.

Preservation Idaho is thrilled to award the renovation of this jewel a 2012 Orchid Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation.