Property Type: Commercial
Neighborhood: Downtown  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Public  |  Architectural Style: Post Modern
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The Wells Fargo building is located at 877 W Main St. It was built in 1988 as an office high rise and has had no remodeling in years since. There are eleven floors in the building, most of which are occupied by Wells Fargo, the rest by a few law offices.

This building is really interesting because it is the largest commercial building in downtown to be built in the shape of a triangle. The front of the building has a decorated courtyard area that meets the front of the Qwest Arena, the Grove and the famous fountain in downtown Boise. The corner entrance to the Wells Fargo building boasts huge pillars and large glass doors. Many people drive by this building every single day, so it is is nice to have a good-looking exterior.
This style of building is postmodern commercial characterized by its shape and extensive use of marble and glass. This style was meant to occupy businesses. Postmodern architecture began in the 1970s as high rise buildings became popular. Postmodern buildings are easily noticed because they are usually sleek and asymmetrical.