Property Type: Commercial
Neighborhood: North End  |  County: Ada  |  Building Status: Public  |  Architectural Style: Art
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Westside Drive-In has a very well-known place in Boise’s history. It has been around since 1957 when it was first established and owned by Ralph Caskey. Its Fifties style looks are consistent with its pink neon lights and classic icons painted on the building. It was constructed during the boom of the automobile among young people so the spacious yet compact parking lot and the double sided drive-through accommodate and welcome vehicles to dine on the go. As well, Westside Drive-In is more than just fast food, it has a huge menu with many home-style varieties and its classic looks attract many looking for a delicious and fun meal. The original owner Ralph Caskey created Westside Drive-In in hopes of giving people more than just fast food, but instead all-American gourmet food. Being more than 50 years old is a great accomplishment in itself. Growing older and looking toward retirement, Mr. Caskey looked to pass the tradition of the Westside to someone else. So he sold the restaurant to a woman named Cindee Moore, who further progress its stature. Caskey would often come by and check on how the business was doing, and to grab one of their famous ice-cream potatoes which originated at Westside Drive-In. Later in 1994, the company was sold again to the present day owner, Chef Lou Aaron and partner Ron Isaacs. Chef Lou is a very experienced cook, having worked at places like Murphy’s and the Ram, as well as working food businesses in Atlanta and San Antonio. He has expanded Westside to become more than just a fast food company but a grab n’ go American cuisine style restaurant with a menu so wide in range that you could eat ribs one day and the next, chow down on Italian pasta. All within a good price range, starting at .69 cents all the way to $9.99. Not too shabby for a delicious home-style meal! Surviving more than 50 years and bringing back a sense of the Fifties has earned Westside Drive-In a historic stature. The architectural style is art deco, because of it unique roofs, neon lighting and the new classic sense it gives you. Next to the Drive-In sits a small house. From the outside, I got an eerie feeling like someone was looking at me through the windows, but then I figured out that the house was locked and there was a supposed ghost hiding inside. When I asked one of the ladies working there, she told me that she had been locked in the liquor room and even hit from behind with some of the doors after walking through them. Along with her, another lady told me that every time you were to walk out the back door, you forget everything you did that day. Over its fifty year history Westside has grown into a famous grab n’ go restaurant and many can still remember the first thing they have eaten there. For me it was the fantastic banana split that made my day after a hard day of practice. It is a fantastic place with much history and maybe one day you’ll be able to share the joy of this historic restaurant with your kids and give them a taste of Boise history.